Mellow Babies Parenting Programme

7th Mar 2017

Mellow Parenting – Mellow Babies Group
Building stronger relationships and positive parenting

Mellow Babies is a 14 week programme and provides Mums with the support they need to develop strong relationships with their new babies.

The Group runs for one day a week for 14 weeks from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm and is for mothers with at least one child under 18 months. There are 9 mums in the group.

The Group uses a variety of methods including information handouts, structured group discussion, watching videos. As well as the direct impact of the group, parents enjoy and benefit from the support of other parents and from knowing that they are not the only ones who have difficulty.

We use a number of measures and feedback questionnaires to evaluate the effectiveness of the group.

The group started on Thursday 23th February 2017 and is held on Thursdays (term time only) at Craig Park Youth Centre.

The structure of the day:

Parenting Activity Baby/toddler’s Activity
Morning session Mothers participate in a group with a main focus on their personal experiences. The babies are looked after in a crèche on the premises
Lunch and Activities Lunch is eaten all together followed by fun activities and songs With parents and babies
Afternoon session Topics include understanding babies’ behaviour, development and their needs, how to interact with babies and discussing challenges such as sleeping, eating problems…

Parents are encouraged to try out new solutions and discuss their successes.

The babies/toddlers will be looked after in a crèche on the premises