EPC Accessibility Statement Policy


At Every Parent & Child (‘EPC’) we are committed to making sure that you can access and use the services on our website, our telephone helpline and at our office.

Accessibility and Usability

If you are having trouble with accessibility and usability, AbilityNet has guidance for:

Click here for further information: https://mcmw.abilitynet.org.uk/impairment/making-your-mouse-easier-use

Click here for further information: https://mcmw.abilitynet.org.uk/category/keyboard-shortcuts

Click here for further information: https://mcmw.abilitynet.org.uk/impairment/talking-your-device-0

Click here for further information: https://mcmw.abilitynet.org.uk/impairment/making-your-device-talk-you

Click here for further information: https://mcmw.abilitynet.org.uk/impairment/making-text-larger

Click here for further information: https://mcmw.abilitynet.org.uk/impairment/changing-your-colours

Click here for further information: https://mcmw.abilitynet.org.uk/impairment/magnifying-screen

Mobile devices

Most smartphones and tablets have accessibility functions. These are normally found in your ‘settings’.  These functions will allow you to change things like your font style, font size, and screen brightness, as well as offering ‘text to speech’ options. Features will be different depending upon the make of your device.

If you have a speech or hearing impairment, you can contact via email on enquiries@epandc.org.uk

Language Line:

At EPC we have access to 240 different languages via our subscription to Language Line Solutions.  Please do advise us if you require an interpreter and we will ensure that an interpreter will be available to ensure that you are able to access our services.


All EPC leaflets are available in other formats.  Please contact the office for further information.


If you have problems using this site or would like to suggest any changes, please can let us know by contacting us on 020 8373 6243 or emailing us on enquiries@epandc.org.uk

It would be helpful if you could tell us:

  • the issue you were having
  • the web address of the page you are having trouble with
  • what device you are using to access the site, for example, a phone, a laptop or a tablet
  • which browser you are using

Date: January 2019

To be reviewed: January 2020