Jordan Jarrett-Bryan

Jordan is currently one of the well-known sports reporters for Channel 4 News, working with a broad spectrum of major sports stories & events. 

He reports for Premier League productions, which broadcasts coverage of Premiere League football games internationally. Jordan will be broadcasting live from Russia for FIFA 2018. He has won Channel 4’s award-winning coverage of the 2012 Paralympic Games, reporting on the Wheelchair Basketball.

Youth culture is something he is very passionate about especially issues around the young, employment and education. He also speaks out about the empowerment and rising of disabled and black people on TV, in the media and in employment. 

Jordan was born without the fibula bone in his right leg and with a deformed right foot. After his leg was amputated he was fitted with a prosthetic. As a youngster, having a plastic leg was an extremely difficult yet defining experience. But that provided Jordan with a mental focus and confidence; qualities which would prove to be invaluable for a career in front of the camera. He didn’t allow his disability to become a barrier in achieving his goals – in fact he embraces it and even acknowledges that his disability has been a vital part of his success.

He played Wheelchair Basketball for 20 years, captaining the GB Junior side during 2 European Championships and World Championships in 2006. 

He played professionally for 2 years in the Italian league, winning a championship in the process. Jordan is a multi-talented journalist and former sportsman.