My Time for children and young people aged 12 – 18

We know you face lots of challenges, at home, at school and with friends. You may feel you are lacking in confidence or suffer low self-esteem.  These challenges may cause you to feel angry or upset or to feel alone or isolated.  You may find this affects your sleep or that you feel bad about yourself or maybe even think about hurting yourself.

Talking to friends and family about how you feel can help, but sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone who doesn’t know you or your family.

We offer a safe place to talk about your feelings.  You will be allocated a counsellor who you will see weekly. How long you come will be decided between you and your counsellor at the beginning. Your counsellor will listen to what you have to say without judging you. They will try to understand and help you to help yourself.

Anything you tell us is kept confidential. This means your counsellor will not tell anyone else what you say, including your parents or school. They only time they need to talk to another adult is if they are concerned about your safety or someone else’s. Your counsellor will explore what confidentiality means to you at your first session.

You can contact us yourself  or your parent or carer can do this for you. If you are under 14 an adult must bring you, and wait for you whilst you see your counsellor.


EPC are and have been, a great help to our school, in supporting a number of our vulnerable Key Stage 2 children. The social skills groups they have provided, and continue to provide, are specifically tailored to meet the needs of our children and equipped them with the social and emotional skills needed to progress both socially and academically. All the children who participated, thoroughly enjoyed their experience and have shown a huge deal of improvement both socially and emotionally.Andrea Lewis-Kennedy, Assistant Inclusion Leader, Brettenham Primary School
I enjoyed our first meeting. I feel I was listened to and everyone was kind. (young person)