My Time for children aged 5 – 11

My Time is a place you can come to when you are feeling angry or upset. This may be to do with school, your friends or with an adult. We are here to help you make sense of the muddles in your head.

We offer you the chance to talk to someone about anything that is on your mind or that is worrying you. You may be feeling angry, sad, lonely or just really confused.

You will have one counsellor, who you will see each week. They will help you to understand how you are feeling.  The room is full of paint, pens, toys and other art stuff.  This means that you don’t have to talk, you could tell your story in a variety of ways.

My Time is confidential. This means that your counsellor will not tell anyone else what you say, including your parents or school. The only time they need to talk to another adult is if they’re concerned about your safety, or someone else’s. Your counsellor will explore what confidentiality means to you at your first session.

If you think talking to one of our counsellors would help you can ask your parent, carer, social worker or any other adult to contact us. If you are under 14 an adult must bring you, and wait for you whilst you see your counsellor.



My son is telling me about what he is doing with his mentor and explaining that he helps him to stay calm. I can see this and it is really helping.Mum of mentee, age 8
I can say what I think about the activities with my mentor because he is a kind personMohammed, age 9
I enjoy meeting my mentor because he lets me do the activities that I choose.William, 8
You can do any kind of activities with your mentor. It’s excellent!Hannah, 11
It’s like having someone who helps you and teaches you things you don’t know or understand.Hannah, 11
It’s really fun and they help you with a lot of things. You have nothing to be afraid of, you can be confident and you can be yourself.Isabel, 11