KS2 6

My son is telling me about what he is doing with his mentor and explaining that he helps him to stay calm. I can see this and it is really helping.

Mum of mentee, age 8

KS2 5

I can say what I think about the activities with my mentor because he is a kind person

Mohammed, age 9

KS2 4

I enjoy meeting my mentor because he lets me do the activities that I choose.

William, 8

KS2 3

You can do any kind of activities with your mentor. It’s excellent!

Hannah, 11

KS2 2

It’s like having someone who helps you and teaches you things you don’t know or understand.

Hannah, 11

KS2 1

It’s really fun and they help you with a lot of things. You have nothing to be afraid of, you can be confident and you can be yourself.

Isabel, 11